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The largest purpose-built studio facility in West Michigan

About Us

A Brief History

Deano's started in 1988, as a lighting rental house. Ten years later, Deano designed and built 2 new soundstages.

In 2017, Lowing Light & Grip purchased the studios, and carries on the exemplary dedication to our customers as had Dean and Reneˊ.

What We Do

A Short Description

Lowing Studios is designed with flexibility in mind. Producers wanting to shoot commercials, training pieces, industrial or corporate shorts feel right at home in the facilities that can scale from still photography to feature film production.

With us, you have access to the studio facilities, the full rental inventory of Lowing Light & Grip, the expertise of our staff, and connections to a full range of our production service partners.

How We Work

What To Expect

It's easy. Call or email to get a quote for your next project. Whether your needs are large or small we are happy to help you out. In the business for 30-plus years, we take pride in our knowledge and experience, and will help you make your project the best that it can be. Contact us and make Lowing Studios a part of your team.